Marketing Clinic and Knowit join forces

Marketing Clinic has integrated into Knowit Management Consulting 1.4.2023.  Together we create a Nordic powerhouse of management consultancy, branding and digitalization.  Through this merger, Knowit will get a stronger platform in management consultancy, but also a strengthened customer offering in brand strategy and customer experiences on the Finnish market.

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Unleash your full growth potential.

For people, businesses and society, the positive impact of growth must be a shared goal. When you dare to embrace the unknown, you gain the courage to grow. We bring you clarity and capabilities to make it happen.

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Our practice areas

Commercial practice

Together with our customers, we aim for maximal market impact. We help you to identify, attract and retain desired customer segments with the right offerings, value propositions, channels, capabilities and market actions.

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Brand practice

You need to have a meaningful and unique brand and positioning to succeed in an increasingly complex business environment and competitive landscape. We help you to win your customers’ hearts and minds by creating business-oriented brand strategies and compelling communication.

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Growth strategy practice

Identifying where to play and how to win is the foundation for growth. We help you to identify growth drivers by combining human and business understanding, define customized growth paths, implement and lead the change needed.

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Insight & foresight practice

Market and human insight and strategic foresight are required to uncover new sources of growth and build commercial excellence in your organization. We help you to connect insights and valuable human understanding to your business decision-making and to develop strategies and commercial organizations that thrive in the ever changing competitive environment.

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Retail strategy practice

We help you to develop retail strategies, concepts and offerings based on consumer, shopper, market and future retail landscape understanding. We work with you all the way from the boardroom to the store floor, to make sure that strategy becomes action.

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FMCG category management & offering development

We help leading brands to define the offering of the future that drives both category and brand value. Our unique approach is based on a category perspective, combining consumer and retail insight.

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Growth marketing

We combine data-driven, tactical short-term marketing activations that drive sales and long-term commercial optimization streams into a single, productive growth engine in order to maximize marketing return on investment both in the long term and the short term.

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Featured insight

Winning the digital customer experience with a data-driven approach

Data-driven marketing is a more extensive concept than just number crunching or building predictive trends with AI or technical architecture. DDM helps you speak to your customers effectively by learning and evolving constantly based on accurate data from customer digital or physical footprint.

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