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020202 Palvelut Oy (020202) helps out across voice, SMS, app and web when you are looking for contact information of any private individual, company or public entity as well as any type of location or want to for instance order a taxi. 020202 has been voted Finland’s best telephone service six times in a row.

In fall 2021, 020202 contacted us for a technology evaluation. The task was to find out what upgrades the existing analytics and marketing automation tools would require, and whether both or just one of the tools should be replaced. Also, the new tool should generate new leads based on site traffic and the visitors’ access points. 020202 knew us from before – we have, for instance, assisted them in selecting their current analytics and marketing automation tool. Since the evaluation was a similar assignment, 020202 trusted us to take care of it.

The challenge: what to keep, what to replace

The first step was to define whether both the analytics and marketing automation tools should be replaced – after all, these tools are directly connected. That was where our expertise stepped in – there are thousands of global companies with nearly an infinite number of solutions and applications.

Another challenge was that Mixpanel, 020202’s current supplier for the 02 Taksi application’s analytics & marketing automation tool, decided to focus solely on the analytics side of the business and removed marketing automation capabilities from its offering. Therefore, 020202 was about to lose access to the tool that provided targeted communication with said applications. Our task was to provide 020202 with a new tool, which tracks user interactions from both web and mobile applications.

The solution: choosing the right automation tool

Our evaluation process showed that the existing analytics tool was running smoothly and didn’t require replacing, so the focus then was on upgrading the automation tool. When making recommendations, one key point is to take a critical look at the existing system and application interfaces and find out how smoothly they can be integrated with the new solutions. If integration appears complicated, then we look what we can do with open interfaces. The solution is always there – it is just a matter of selecting the most backwards-compatible option.

In an agreed time-span of two months, we had a short list of six possible automation tools. After this we ordered demos of the most promising three tools. At this stage in particular, the customer’s business needs and technical demands go hand in hand. Our project group included both 020202’s business and technology experts, which made the process easier: we knew what the new tool needed to provide and how well it would fit in with the existing IT infrastructure. In this case the automation tool along with the analytics tool gathers information about customer behavior: which applications they use to access the taxi ordering service and how many visitors just open the app and how many actually use it. Based on this type of data, 020202 can better direct its marketing messages to the right audiences.

The outcome: up-to-date user information

After reviewing the demos, we made yet another recommendation for the most optimal solution based on the pros and cons of each tool. This discussion involved all relevant parties: 020202, Marketing Clinic and the solution providers. The final decision regarding the supplier selection has been made and the next steps involve negotiations with the supplier about delivery and implementation.

All in all, the evaluation process was successful – it was executed according to both schedule and budget, and with a systematic approach that started with hundreds of potential solutions and ended with three of the most suitable ones. The “thinning-down” process is where the customer really reaps the benefits. The process is streamlined, but if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, there are bound to be timeline and budget concerns. That’s why finding an experienced technology evaluation partner is, at the end of the day, the simplest and most cost-effective approach. Now 020202 has seamless access to product analytics and ability to engage customers with marketing automation.

MC was able to deliver high-quality and timely recommendations and guidelines that supported our decision-making. A job very well done indeed. says Joonas Viitala, Chief Commercial Officer at 020202.

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