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We create growth by bringing deep human and business insights into strategies, brands and commercial initiatives. We help you to understand how your stakeholders think, act and feel.

In order to survive and thrive in the current uncertain markets – and, in order to take advantage of the available opportunities before others do – you need a better sense of what is happening around you and what might happen in the online and offline environments.

We incorporate insight and foresight into every strategy, brand and commercial excellence initiative we help create in a way that helps you build your competitive advantage. The secret lies in bridging insight and foresight with business development and human perspective with strategic ambitions.

We have a holistic approach to business challenges and we use both qualitative and quantitative customer data, as well as business and marketing performance data, and environmental scanning, to build the big picture. By working together with us, you’ll make a better sense of your business environment and how it evolves. We tell you how change can impact your organization and how you need to act in response.

Our growth services

Human and market insight
Turns human insight into business growth. Uncovers lifestyles, values, feelings and behavior. Identifies growth potential, future direction and offerings with impactful interaction.

Need-based segmentation
Segments customers or consumers in need-based groups. Uncovers their needs, values and contexts, and evaluates their meaning and value to your business.

Marketing performance audits, insights & optimization
Builds an outside view on how marketing operations are performing within different groups. Analyzes and improves the operations to meet goals and maximize ROI.

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