Commercial practice

Together with our clients we aim for maximal market impact. In today’s complex world, this means finding focus and aligning actions accordingly. Truly understanding customer needs and never just assuming, but rather learning from the data.

In Commercial practice, we help our clients in identifying, attracting and retaining desired customer segments. We help in selecting the right value propositions, channels, capabilities and actions in the market. We provide our clients a unique combination of business, human, data and technology understanding, with a hint of creativity. From commercial strategy to action.

We help our clients with:


  • productizing offerings and concepts in a customer centric way
  • creating meaningfully different value propositions
  • choosing the most effective go-to-market channel strategy, whether traditional or digital
  • selecting the right target groups and marketing strategy

Future proof commercial organization

  • setting a common direction and leading change in an engaging way
  • developing a data driven and agile commercial organization
  • aligning sales and marketing activities
  • building competences to meet modern marketing requirements
  • choosing the most suitable marketing technologies and making the most out of them

Growth marketing

  • executing continuous growth marketing in an omnichannel environment
  • connecting on-going marketing actions to the chosen business direction and brand strategy
  • implementing an agile, data-driven marketing approach and continuously evaluating and optimizing actions for maximal market impact.

Please check our Growth as a service model in case you are missing key commercial or marketing resources – we can help!

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