Commercial Practice

Success as a service

We create growth by aiming for maximal market impact – as a service. We help you to identify, attract and retain desired customer segments with the right offering, value proposition, channels, capabilities and market actions.

Together with our clients, we aim for maximal market impact. In today’s complex world, this means finding focus and aligning actions accordingly. The right decisions cannot be made by assuming what’s right but rather using data to understand customer needs.

In our Commercial practice, we help our clients to identify, attract and retain the desired customer segments. We help in selecting the right value proposition, channels, capabilities and actions in the market. We provide our clients with a unique combination of business, human, data and technology understanding with a hint of creativity – from commercial strategy to action.

Our growth services

Growth marketing as a service
Unleashes your full growth potential and maximizes market impact by combining strategic development and growth hacking mindset into on-going marketing service and support.

Account Based Marketing as a service
Strategic approach to b-to-b marketing based on account insight. Showcases the offering value based on buyer profile. Designed for new customer acquisition as well as for nurturing existing customer relationships.

Commercial transformation as a service
Creates a concept for a vision for change and transforms the organization accordingly. Turns a new growth strategy or brand positioning into action. Builds up commercial capabilities. Commercial transformation typically includes setting up Must Win Battles and KPIs, as well as advisory support for implementing required changes in the organization.

Value driven commercialization of offering
Clarifies the competitive advantages of an offering for the different customer segments. Helps salespeople sell true value, making it easier for customers to buy.

Data-Driven Marketing capabilities
We help you to strategise, concept and implement a data-driven marketing strategy and technology stack that is growth oriented, measurable and can be automated for an omni-channel customer experience.

Please check our Growth as a service model in case you are missing some key commercial or marketing resources – we can help!

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