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Enhancing Clas Ohlson’s strategy

Ever since it was founded in Insjön, Sweden in 1918, Clas Ohlson has focused on offering products that help and inspire people to enhance their everyday life through smart, simple and practical solutions at attractive prices.

The heritage of being a consumer needs driven company, that constantly has to adapt and innovate to stay relevant, has become more critical than ever before as the home is playing an increasingly important role in people’s lives.

Intensified competition, a fast-changing retail landscape and emerging consumer behavior, has put high demands on Clas Ohlson to define a strategy that is firmly anchored in solid consumer and shopper insights that guides the right choices for the future of the business.

Marketing Clinic’s unique combination of expertise within Brand, Retail, Category and insights, together with its Nordic presence, has been one of the reasons why Clas Ohlson has chosen MC as a partner for a number of projects, namely:

  • Defining strategic target groups – identifying, clarifying, quantifying and prioritizing consumer segments that represent the biggest potential for growth
  • Brand portfolio strategy – analysis and recommendation for the definition and implementation of the future brand portfolio and assortment
  • Retail concept and experience – gaining insights and providing retail expertise for the definition of the requirements for future development of the physical retail

Working closely together and involving key stakeholders throughout the projects have been key success factors to achieve buy-in and engagement in Clas Ohlson’s organization, providing a strong foundation for implementation. Additionally, an increasingly deep understanding of Clas Ohlson’s business together with a flexible tailor-made approach has significantly benefited the collaboration.

In the words of Emma Ahlström, Head of Business Insights:

“What do you want from a consultant? Deep expertise about your market, outstanding professionalism and rigour, certainly. But Marketing Clinic don’t just bring their playbook, they bring a great toolkit and engage us very thoroughly up-front. The results are always tailored very closely to our specific situation. That’s what makes them a true partner for us, and it’s why we’ve returned to them several times with our toughest problems.”

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