Channel strategy in a changing market

Kavli approached Marketing Clinic Sweden with a request to determine the potential of the brand in both well-established channels and new ones. This meant that the role of these channels had to be identified to enable the adaptation of both the offering and sales focus. Marketing Clinic Sweden assisted Kavli in mapping the future potential of available channels and provided insight into how this potential translates into growth possibilities for Kavli’s brands.

“The channel landscape for food is rapidly changing and a key challenge for us is to see the potential in both the traditional and new channels”, Gerhard Bley, CEO of Kavli in Sweden and Finland, says.

Category expansion & innovation – discovering growth in new areas

Another key area for most brands is finding innovation and growth possibilities – and Kavli is no different. “The ability to expand our offering into new positions and categories is key for our growth, but it requires a new and different way of thinking and real knowledge and insight in these areas. This is where Marketing Clinic plays a key role”, Bley explains.

Marketing Clinic’s work goes all the way from overall ideas and possibilities, via evaluation to actually shaping the new offering.

Sales strategy – driving business on retailer and store level

The culture of Kavli is driven by sales excellence, and it is a key factor for its largest category – soft cheese. With the help of Marketing Clinic, a sales strategy that ensured continuous growth for a mature category was developed and implemented.

In the words of Bley: “The key is to understand both the overall strategic perspective, but at the same time build it from the moment of truth – that moment when the consumer actually chooses your product. Marketing Clinic is one of the very few companies that can handle both the strategic dimension and at the same time understands the execution in-store and the combination of marketing and sales tactics. And the results of the strategy are easy to see – we are growing in a category many thought was going to decline”.

The partnership with Marketing Clinic Sweden

The choice of working with Marketing Clinic Sweden was a logical one for Kavli. As Gerhard Bley describes: “The combination of strategic thinking and understanding the actual operations and retail insight is unique for Marketing Clinic. The deep experience and knowledge of retail, foodservice and category management thinking means they are a very natural partner for our strategic work. And most importantly – we see the results in execution”.

The Outcome

Kavli was looking for a partner who could handle strategy and execution, and had an understanding of both marketing and sales tactics. Marketing Clinic Sweden was selected for this task. Its work, which encompassed several product categories, helped Kavli develop a sales and channel strategy, discover growth possibilities and ensured these were realized in practice. Marketing Clinic was praised for their knowledge and strategic thinking, but also for delivering clearly visible results.

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