About us

We are a strategy, brand and commercialization consultancy

Marketing Clinic belongs to Knowit Group Ab and together we are a Nordic powerhouse that helps our clients recognize and realize unique growth opportunities by combining human and business understanding with creativity, data and technology.

With over 17 years of experience working with leading Finnish and Nordic companies, we know how to connect their strategies with their customers’ hearts and minds. We can help unleash the full potential of companies with the will to grow in the global marketplace.


We believe

we can have a positive impact on growth – for ourselves and others – by working in a culture where we care for each other and care about what we do, which also includes daring to explore the unknown. For us, culture is our currency, and we embrace it. We are guided by our values of Care and Dare.

Our values


We care for each other and care about what we do. It’s important for us to have fun and we enjoy working together. For us, it’s always we over me.

  • We trust and respect each other
  • We believe in empathy and in a human touch
  • We are passionate and take ownership of our actions
  • We value integrity
  • We care so much that we dare to disagree
  • We appreciate and make the most of our diversity
  • We want to help our customers succeed
  • We give feedback and help each other learn
  • We have fun at work and we enjoy being together


We dare to think, see and go beyond. We believe in creativity and continuously explore new ways to create a positive impact.

  • We have a thirst for understanding
  • We are curious and explore new possibilities
  • We are bold and think big
  • We show our drive and ambition through the work we do
  • We want to build positive and responsible futures
  • We are creative and open to new ideas
  • We embrace clarity and simplicity
  • We strive for excellence

Here’s how we see it

At Marketing Clinic, our values of Care and Dare  can really be seen in what we do and how we do it. Personally, I’m growing and learning all the time in a supportive environment. The caring environment makes me dare to step out of my comfort zone in everyday working life. It’s not easy to find a workplace where you are surrounded by super-inspirational people and projects and where you can develop yourself professionally.Marjaana, Manager

To be a truly strategic partner, we need to be able to challenge our clients in every decision they make and direction they move. We need to have the balls  to say “stop” or “shoot” whenever we feel that it’s the right thing to do. Internally, daring means that we never just receive orders from clients, but we challenge ourselves to think bigger and be bolder. We are willing to step into projects that might be far out of our comfort zone.Henri, Advisor

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