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In the beginning, our task was to help Nordic brands and companies operating in the Nordics to win amidst ever-increasing global competition. For them to succeed and grow, we realized, they needed to improve the way they marketed and communicated, how they utilized digital possibilities, and how they implemented their strategies. What it required from us was providing them with new perspectives, tools and above all, inspiration.


Our source of inspiration is the end-customer — that is where growth comes from. In today’s rapidly changing world, we inspire businesses and brands to create a positive impact on people’s everyday lives.

We do this by combining strategy, technology, human insight and creativity — and we’re driven by our DNA of fact-based decision-making, real-time action and the end-customer at the heart of everything. We cover the entire commercial value chain, from strategy to execution.

Together with our customers, we uncover the possible and turn it into a positive impact. With our understanding of what global competition requires, we embark on collaborative journeys to create long-lasting competitive advantages.

Get to know us!

We want to create positive impact. That objective is visible also in the way we work. These statements describe the very core of our culture.

  • We take our work seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously. We know the best results come with smiles and laughter.

  • We work in teams because we are stronger together. No matter how extraordinary the individual, sharing ideas, seeking feedback or simply getting a second pair of eyes all contribute to better outcomes. We believe in learning from each other.

  • We don’t rush into conclusions — we believe in developing a deeper understanding: Getting the facts right and understanding the humans behind the numbers are part of our DNA.

  • We want to inspire at every encounter: We aim to be a source of energy to our clients, help them see new possibilities, create solutions beyond the obvious and develop as professionals. And the objective applies internally too, we want to inspire each other as well!

  • We believe excitement is contagious: Our work is exciting, and we want the excitement to show. That allows us to excite and inspire others as well, whether they are customers or colleagues.

  • At MC, I can be me: No one is expected to fit a mold. We are an exceptional mix of personalities with different backgrounds & professions, and that is one of our strengths.

Our teams


MC Strategy

MC Strategy team uncovers what is possible to make growth happen, focusing on growth, brand and retail strategies, customer experience, concept creation and commercialization.


MC Impact

At MC Impact, we help our customers create meaningful and measurable connections between brands and their customers. Our team of marketing and communications professionals focus on combining data-driven marketing and a deep strategic understanding of digital channels with creative concepting and content production.

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  • Copywriter / Concept Designer - Helsinki See Job
  • Art Director - Helsinki See Job
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