We took our values to charity

Values guide the operations of more and more companies, and Marketing Clinic is no different. We want to live by our values Dare & Care. To ensure that this is indeed the case, we took a closer look at ‘Care’ in late 2020.

We want our commitment to the customer’s business to be conveyed through our work and its outcome. Check! We also want our customers and staff to feel valued and cared about. Check!

But how could we put our value into practice more broadly? Develop ‘caring’ towards responsibility? In a way that it would also include a social meaning? We asked ourselves this question and, as a result, an internal brief was born.

To accomplish that, we set out to discover and highlight themes that we felt were important. Quickly, one theme rose above the others: loneliness. The theme had been discovered. Now we needed to find a genuinely relevant actor.

HelsinkiMissio – expert on loneliness

HelsinkiMissio is a politically and religiously non-aligned social organization that challenges Finns to take action against loneliness. The organization also offers opportunities to participate in activities that reduce loneliness. Our pro bono collaboration started in late 2020.

Helping the gig help

HelsinkiMissio’s gig help is a service aimed at seniors living in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which offers help in everyday challenges and dilemmas. Help is in high demand, and there is a constant shortage of gig helpers.

We set out to find a solution from a different angle. Instead of persuading individual volunteers, we started thinking about how to get companies involved in supporting gig help.

We started by lowering the participation threshold. We conceptualized gig help in a new way, with which we aim to make participation as effortless, flexible and rewarding as possible for companies. Only now the value would not be measured in euros, but in the happy smiles and warm thanks from the elderly.

Another solution was found in ourselves. Every MC employee is also encouraged to take part in helping the elderly during working hours, and with the help of the gig help application you can find those who need help in addresses nearby the workplace or home. We have already seen how important even a small act can be to another. It will make you feel warm even after years.

As employees of the Marketing Clinic, we value the fact that our employer makes its own contribution to society, while serving as an encouraging example for other companies and their employees. For alone, none of us can eliminate loneliness, but together we will certainly make it diminish. Welcome aboard! (Check!)

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