We build sustainable growth together

Last June, Marketing Clinic and Knowit joined forces to form a new Nordic powerhouse in management consultancy, branding and digitalisation. During the past months, we have become acquainted with each other and formed a strong foundation to deliver sustainable growth for our customers.

Maria Åberg, CEO of Knowit Insight, and Kati Nurminen, CEO of Marketing Clinic, shared their observations and thoughts about the first steps of our journey together.

“We are happy to say that in addition to cultural similarities, our skills and competencies complement each other very well. We have similar tasks at hand, but we look at them from different perspectives. Combining our current offerings creates a lot of new opportunities for our customers, when business growth and profitability goals are viewed from several different perspectives at the same time,” says Maria.

We help our customers to identify new growth areas, define and prioritise key business focus areas, make operations more efficient and establish new business areas. Certain areas of expertise fit very naturally together, and we are able to immediately utilise complementary skills in current projects.

“Making an impact and a true growth mindset are at the core of all our actions. We believe that our way of building a clear connection from our client’s strategy to a meaningful added value will make us a unique player in the market “, continues Kati.

The current global uncertainty creates unprecedented challenges for companies. . In a volatile market situation, the importance of clear focus increases, and we can support our customers navigating through these difficult and challenging times.

“The true front-runners are those companies who are able to transform themselves to be faster, more innovative and more flexible in all areas of their business. At the turn of the year, we at Knowit will have an even stronger team thinking about the future of organisations and their structure, and we offer our customers concrete support to implement the changes ahead”, say Maria and Kati together.

In addition to complementary expertise, the cultures of Marketing Clinic and Knowit fit well together, which has contributed in finding common ways of working. Both cultures emphasise openness, an ambitious approach to the quality of work, and appreciation for different skills and people.

“We are curious and want to learn from each other. These values create the basis for us to find new opportunities for our customers in the future – together. In the future, delivering sustainable growth will be a strong part of our joint offering, and we will start building it in collaboration with all Knowit business areas. Working together as one team will truly kick off at the beginning of next year, when we move to new shared premises in Kamppi, Helsinki,” continues Maria.

We will be happy to discuss how we could support your sustainable growth with new combined forces. Contact Maria ([email protected]) or Kati ([email protected]).



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