Marketing Clinic Strategy Webinar
4th June 2021

Marketing Clinic hosted a Webinar on Strategy on Friday the 4th June. The event was supposed to carry on our tradition of breakfast events on selected topics. However, due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to hold this one online.

Our approach on strategy

Strategy and, especially, Strategy with a strong focus on growth is firmly on Marketing Clinic’s agenda and our Growth Strategy practice is growing at a very fast pace indeed. Our Growth Strategy practice helps our clients identify underlying drivers of growth and customer value by combining human and business understanding. We also help our clients formulate growth opportunities into a clear strategy with an implementation plan.

However, and as highlighted in the webinar, we strongly believe that even the best strategies fail to deliver the desired impact if they are communicated poorly. That’s why we, here at Marketing Clinic, have developed a very unique approach on communicating strategies throughout companies and out into their key stakeholders. We put a lot of emphasis on creating compelling purpose and vision statements and top this up with strong strategy narratives that bring the strategies alive, making them easy to understand and relate to – in and outside the companies. This will, in turn, dramatically increase chances for a strategy to get implemented properly and, therefore, to be a successful one.

Strategy webinar 2021

Let’s briefly return to the webinar and revisit some of the highlights of the event. The webinar kicked-off with our CEO, Salla Vainio, who welcomed everyone to the event. Juha-Matti Salni, Senior Advisor here at Marketing Clinic, explained Marketing Clinic’s take on strategy, highlighting the fact that clarity and communication are the key elements in successful strategy work and that strategy on its own, as a plan, just simply isn’t enough. In order to successfully implement a strategy and create the desired impact, it needs to be strengthened with a compelling purpose and vision, and, furthermore, spiced up with a strong narrative that will carry it throughout the organisation and beyond, to the key stakeholders. Creating a purpose and vision statement should be, ideally, an integral part of creating a strategy.

After Juha-Matti’s presentation it was time for our guest speaker, CEO Panu Porkka, to take the stage with our Senior Advisor, Aki Hirvonen. Marketing Clinic successfully assisted with their new, bold strategy which aims to take them to all new heights with 1 billion euro in revenue as one of the key goals. The new strategy has been especially well received among investors and the share price has risen sharply after the initial revealing of the strategy. Panu highlighted that passion and people are in the very core of and it’s obvious that they have well aligned their purpose and internal intent which form a solid foundation for their ambitious growth strategy. You can read more about the work we carried out for here.

Overall, it was a truly inspiring Friday morning with good interaction with the audience. The case raised a lot of interest and there were lots of great questions and good discussion in the Q&A part of the event. Marketing Clinic is looking to host a CMO webinar or breakfast event in the fall so stay tuned!

Should you be interested in hearing more about our strategy offering or our approach on strategy, please get in touch!

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