Marketing Clinic Forum
19th November 2021

We hosted an event for top marketers on purpose driven commercialization on Friday morning the 19th of November at our Helsinki office. It was truly great to see everyone in person again and enjoy a vivid discussion and great questions asked from our wonderful keynote speakers Jenni Santalo, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at VTT, and Kristina Öström, Vice President, Marketing & Branding at Neste Renewable Aviation.

Everything you do, how you do it and why – needs to be connected to value

We believe that to unleash the full potential of any business is to clarify the value it can create. However, this is not easy. We are all familiar with the benefits of defining and building a brand built on a singular purpose and strategy – but also with the numerous risks of dilution of both customer and business value in implementation. To succeed in agile commercialization, it all needs to be connected – from the realization of strategy to the realization of value.

Our job at Marketing Clinic is to connect your business to your customers. From identifying inspiring future directions and growth strategies, creating winning brands and marketing to building commercial operations to create maximum impact – we can help you to unleash your full growth potential.

Marketing Clinic Forum 2021

Let’s briefly return to the event and revisit some of the highlights of it. The event kicked-off with our founder, Catharina Stackelberg, welcoming everyone to the event and introducing the key trends to consider when adapting to the new commercial reality and how we at Marketing Clinic help our clients to unleash their full growth potential. Reetta Ruusunen, Advisor here at Marketing Clinic, then introduced our first keynote speaker – Jenni Santalo from VTT.

Jenni Santalo gave us an inspiring presentation on marketing with a purpose and how VTT creates sustainable growth for businesses and society by solving the world’s biggest challenges through research. We got to hear about VTT’s commercial transformation journey from a governmental institute to a B2B business. Since 2015, VTT has completely reshaped their brand and taken great leaps towards a stronger focus on customers and market impact. In 2018, VTT established the commercial operations organization which has formed a solid foundation for growth. We/Marketing Clinic has successfully assisted VTT in many areas, including establishing the new MarCom organization towards agility and collaboration, as well as account-based marketing to selected accounts. We also learned that commercial success is the outcome from building common understanding towards a shared goal, combined with the right way of working to get maximum market impact. Jenni highlighted that people, shared KPIs and smooth collaboration across sales and marketing are at the very core of success.

After Jenni’s presentation it was time for our next guest speaker, Kristina Öström from Neste Renewable Aviation, to take the stage, introduced by our Senior Advisor, Niko Kokonmäki. Through numerous common initiatives, we have successfully helped Neste to connect their brand strategy to global market presence. Neste has recently renewed its brand strategies for Neste as a corporate brand and Neste MY brand to support international growth and build desired perception and brand awareness. Kristina introduced us to how the marketing strategy for Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel was created in direct alignment with the brand strategy, defining a clear roadmap for achieving the strategic objectives. Kristina explained that they will face intense competition within this field in the future and thus one important aspect in addition to increased brand awareness of Neste MY SAF and driving market growth, is to drive demand amongst travelers. Again, a great example of a brand with a true purpose as a tangible driver of growth: the stronger the connection to strategy, the more consistent, efficient and agile will the market presence be. On a global scale.

Overall, it was a truly inspiring Friday morning with good interaction with the audience. The presentations raised a lot of interest and there were lots of great questions and good discussion in the Q&A part of the event.

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