New office, new topics, new MC?

On the 5th of May we hosted a Housewarming and Inspiration sessions event for our customers in Helsinki. The evening was filled with interesting discussions and learning, spiced with good company and refreshments. The guests were excited to see our new office, meet new people and learn about the key topics that we see are crucial for businesses to excel and win. After learning about “Creating growth through customer value”, “Enabling growth through digital”and “Building sustainable businesses and brands”, the guests continued the evening mingling and enjoying each other’s company. Below you can read more about the inspiration session topics:


Creating growth through customer value

The main discussion topic was how to weaponize customer centricity in creating growth. The session revolved around a case example of a global FMCG player that recently went through a large transformation program in order to lead its business in a more customer centric way – with the intention to accelerate growth.

The case presentation inspired lots of conversation and questions about how to implement the same kind of thinking in other industries as well, and whether or not the customers have received the amount of attention they deserve in strategic development initiatives. The key takeaway being that customer centricity should be the major driver of growth.


Enabling growth through digital

Digital maturity and trends were discussed at the digital corner – what are the current trends that drive the change and what are the biggest accelerators of growth through digital?

After a short introduction and chat everyone participated in a questionnaire on their company’s digital marketing maturity and most prioritized focus areas. The results were interesting. 62% say that digitalization is one of the company’s top priorities while 20% feel that digitalization is a low priority. The state of digital marketing is considered to be on a very good level among 77 % of participants.

Acquiring and training digital talents is considered to be the biggest issue in increasing digital maturity. In the upcoming 24 months, most focus and effort is going to be put on “Data utilization and measurement”.


Building sustainable businesses and brands

Sustainability is a complex topic that inspired really interesting discussions. It is clear that stakeholder demand, both from a regulative and decision-maker perspective but also from the customer point of view, creates pressure to change the way we do business today. Companies are expected to take a stand and commit to sustainability.

For many of our customers, sustainability has for long been a prerequisite for operations – a license to play. We challenged our guests to think further, and discussed how sustainability can create competitive advantage and related benefits from a commercial perspective. A discussion topic was in which different ways sustainability can create business value. We all agreed that a good starting point is for sustainability to be embedded in the strategy, for all operations and especially marketing and communications to work together towards the same agenda and to highlight concrete actions and proof points.

We all agreed that change takes time and that it is important to create a tailored roadmap with consistent messaging highlighting concrete actions and communicating in multiple touch-points how our business and brands are becoming more sustainable. A strong brand should be on the good side.


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