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Who are you and what is your role at MC?

I’m a graphic designer and Creative Director overseeing the artistic design strategy and branding of MC. I also guide the entire creative team, including copywriters, art directors, and designers, as well as help them to ideate & create high-quality, strategy driven marketing communication concepts and campaigns for our clients. A team that is sincerely enthusiastic about a project will make the best impact. Each person’s abilities are unique, and that is why creativity is essential to the intuitive development of all of our abilities. I also appreciate bold thinking that connects factors across companies and teams.

What drives you the most?

I believe that high quality design and visuality are increasingly important factors in the success and competitiveness of brands. I find holistic thinking important in all creative work. It has to have depth and genuine purpose. Creativity and design have the power to change the direction of businesses for the better, and if we want, drive positive change in social movements, sustainable development, nature and the environment as well. This thinking drives me perhaps the most in my own work as a creative designer.

What are your creative habits?

I usually start my day with a stretching or Pilates exercise, a cup of coffee and some inspirational reading for example. I do daily forest walks with our old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog Coco, too. I also deeply appreciate discussions with my two adult children who constantly surprise me with their wise and versatile views. They both have been my incredibly inspiring sources of learning, creativity, and happiness throughout the years.

These are some of my ways to keep myself grounded, motivated and moving forward to be successful at all of the daily challenges. Nothing still beats the face to face discussions with colleagues, even during the pandemic. So I’ve gradually started to go to the office every now and then just to be able to do that in a more natural way.

What is your favourite quote?

“To be a great chef you need to have tasted great food so you can develop your palette to know when you cook great food”. (Quote from the documentary of the world’s greatest sushi chef Jiro Ono “Jiro dreams of sushi”)

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