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Who are you?
Markus Meyer, advisor and operations lead at Marketing Clinic.

What do you do at MC?
I wear many hats of different shapes and sizes. One of them is for developing and nurturing operational excellence within Marketing Clinic; another is for functioning as client advisor – within marketing & communications in general, and marketing technologies in particular. Another one of my hats says “Privacy Officer”, so I provide consultation on topics around personal data integrity and GDPR compliance as well.

What do you like the best about your job?
My background is in executing and overseeing operations that are mostly technical in nature, and is as such deeply vertical. Marketing Clinic offers a wide horizon to explore; one that I enjoy traversing for the sake of personal and professional growth, even if at the cost of venturing outside my comfort zone.

What gives me the most gratitude however is something as simple as making things work. While that outcome may sound plain, it actually is the product of making a complex, multi-layered web of things work holistically. Those layers consist of such elements as understanding the client, having a clear vision and scope, following good project management practices and – most importantly – enabling the team to do their best.

And, thus, they unleash their full potential. As should we all.

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