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Who are you?

My name is Heli Hannula, and I am Office and Finance Manager at Marketing Clinic.

What do you do at MC?

I think that my job title says it all; I am responsible for all day-to-day routines related to finance and different topics related to our office at Uudenmaankatu. I am the contact person for our external service providers such as accounting office, ITC supplier or ERP provider. At the same time I also take care of different suppliers related to our needs in our office. My job is to make sure that everyone at Marketing Clinic can always deliver their best performance.

What do you like best about your job?

All our employees at Marketing Clinic are top notch professionals and they have extremely good work morale and work ethics. They want to be successful, and they always want to deliver the best possible solutions for our customers. For me it is extremely rewarding to work with such people.

How do you experience Marketing Clinic’s values in your daily work?

Our company values are Dare and Care and I can proudly share both of them. However, for me the Care is the most important. I try to use that value as a guideline in everything I do. My job is to take care!

What is your typical day at work like?

I spent most of my time in our office at Uudenmaankatu. I usually start my day at around eight a clock and even though I have a lot of routines to do, every day is still different. Usually the day is gone before you know it. Our working environment is speedy and lively, and a lot of things are happening at the same time so there is never a dull moment. All of us at Marketing Clinic work very hard, but we still find time to do things together; it can be quick coffee at our Fika with your colleague or it might be Friday afternoon knitting session with a glass of wine at the office’s outdoor balcony after a hard week.

What’s your number one career tip?

If you want to be successful in your job, you have to be yourself. If you are dedicated and trustworthy, willing to help others and willing to learn new things, you will always succeed in your job.

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