Marketing Clinic Norway nominated for the “Årets Gaselle 2018” award!

We can already say that 2018 has been an amazing year for us. At its onset, we set ambitious goals, and over the months, we have celebrated subsequent victories. We grew our business and saw our team of talents expand, ultimately connecting as one big Marketing Clinic family. But we have no intention of stopping. To prove it, here is another big announcement.

Marketing Clinic Norway has been nominated for the prestigious Årets Gaselle 2018 awards!

The Gazelles are handed out to small and medium-sized businesses operating in Norway that have witnessed the strongest growth and can document their impressive work with profitable success stories, hence the name of the awards.

“We are proud and thrilled by the nomination and short listing for this years Gazelle award. The nomination proves that Passion for Growth, Customer at Heart, Insight-based Everything and Plans into reality is a winning formula, creating happy clients able to generate growth and value through real impact on people’s everyday lives. A huge thank you to the brilliant Marketing Clinic team” – commented Elisabeth Taranger, Managing Director, Marketing Clinic Norway.

The Gazelle award and award ceremony is organized by Dagens Næringsliv, a leading Norwegian business newspaper. It has been handed out since 2003, and participating companies have to meet some strict criteria:

  • delivery of approved financial records
  • at least doubled turnover in the last four years
  • revenue of over one million Norwegian kroner during the first year
  • positive overall operating profit
  • continuous growth
  • operation as a stock-based company

The award ceremony will take place on 5 December in Oslo.

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