How to find the perfect match?

Our 60+ employees across Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo are the heart and soul of Marketing Clinic and, as such, we value every applicant who reaches out to us to become a new member of the team. To ensure we identify candidates which are a perfect match for the position and for our culture, we have developed a recruitment and onboarding process for a smooth, efficient and pleasant experience for all parties involved.

With Care and Dare as our core company values, we hope to find candidates who take their work but never themselves too seriously, and who have the curiosity and mindset for growth. A well-suited expertise for working at MC can be related to a broad range of competences including brand strategies and brand management, commercialization and organizational development, growth strategies and business development, insight and foresight, marketing, media and marketing communications or technology and data.

The value of dialogue

Our recruitment process relies upon getting to know each other better through relaxed and open dialogue. This enables both us and the candidate to ask questions, to learn more and to discover if there is a mutual desire to work with each other.

We want the candidates to gain a good picture about their potential future workplace and provide an opportunity to tell their own professional story to us.

Besides the right expertise and skill set, we also dig into the cultural fit during the recruitment. We work in teams and all of us have a role to play in building a great place to work and creating a positive impact of growth for us and our clients. Caring being one of our core values, how we work is as important as what we achieve.

Nevertheless, our core value Dare challenges us to also consider cultural add: what kind of new thinking, competence, or personality the candidate may bring, that we don’t yet have? We are an exceptional mix of personalities with different backgrounds and competences, and this diversity is one of our strengths.

Our recruitment process typically covers 2-3 meetings, during which the candidate gets to meet a diverse set of possible future colleagues, including some peers, team lead and HR. This way it is possible for both parties to gain a good understanding on how it would be like to work together.

The first meeting typically covers an introduction about Marketing Clinic, the position in question and our customer cases. It is also an opportunity for the candidate to tell us about their past experience, skills and future ambitions. For the second round, we usually ask the candidates to prepare a case-assignment. The assignment gives the candidate a more concrete view on what the job is all about, and it is also a great opportunity to convince us about the professional competence. The assignment is presented in the recruitment meeting giving us a sneak peak on analytic thinking and presentation skills of the candidate. The third meeting focuses on discussing and assessing if the candidate would enjoy working in the position, could build a long-term career at MC and would fit into our culture and values. Every candidate is kept well informed during the process, and we always provide feedback regardless whether they are selected or not.

Getting onboard for a successful start

Making our newcomers feel welcomed and providing the information they need to successfully start their journey with us is crucial for building a happy, engaged and high-performing team from the beginning. We know starting a new job is not always easy and there is often a lot to learn, and therefore we have designed an onboarding process giving a good set of information about our business, our people and ways of working right from the beginning.

After the hiring decision has been made we stay in regular contact during the weeks or months before the first day. During this time we prepare the onboarding including setting up the first week’s agenda, arranging work equipment and appointing a buddy for the new employee. When the first day arrives, we have everything organized for a smooth introduction, the newcomer knows what to expect and already has a couple of contacts among the new colleagues to make it easier to get onboard and become part of our community. The first six months is walked through with the support of a designated team lead and buddy.

We ask for feedback from all new team members after the first few weeks and we highly value the feedback and experiences they share. We are interested to hear if the job and company have met with the expectations and with what was discussed during the recruitment process, if the new employee feels welcomed to the team and if there are areas for improvement.

Our whole recruitment and onboarding process has seen great results and gained praise from newcomers for its friendly and relaxed approach and for making starting a new job feel hassle-free.

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