How do we approach branding and digital transformation?

On Thursday 8.9. we had an inspiration and networking event for our selected customers. There Mika Paloranta, CEO of Auris Energia, inspired us on the topic of A customer driven energy brand. In addition Elisabeth Taranger, Managing Director of Marketing Clinic Norway, shared interesting insights on Apotek 1: First steps towards digital transformation. As our journey of merging into Knowit is moving faster and faster, we are looking into new ways of keeping our MC Forum tradition alive in the new phase of our company. We wish you will join us in the future as well for our gatherings and therefore want to share this short recap of the event topics with you!

Case Auris Energia: Creating a customer-driven energy brand

Mika Paloranta, CEO of Auris Energia told us how refined strategic objectives and changes in the competitive landscape encouraged Suomen Kaasuenergia Group, a Finnish energy company, to strengthen its corporate brand and harness it as a driving force for the ambitious growth targets.

As our cooperation began, we soon found out that instead of just providing energy, companies are looking for partners who can support them in achieving their business targets: saving energy costs, improving profitability, and mitigating carbon emissions.

To unleash the full growth potential of Suomen Kaasuenergia, we created a new corporate brand and name: Auris Energia, followed by a new visual identity and an implementation plan to draw a tight link between the strategic objectives, brand, sales and marketing. After these fundamentals were in place, climbing towards the strategic ambitions in practice means first ensuring consistent brand perception and efficient lead generation in all touchpoints. We started with the most critical ones: renewing the website and company presentation, training and engaging employees as well as planning a growth marketing plan.

During this fall, the new brand will be launched externally and with continuous growth marketing and close cooperation with sales, Auris Energia will come to life as a customer-driven energy brand. Considering the current situation in the energy market, the value a company like Auris Energia can create is crucial. Because in the end, Auris Energia is supporting the entire society to thrive, by helping one company at a time to lower energy costs, improving energy efficiency, and cutting emissions. With that said, starting now, the aim is to deliver the brand promise: “Energiaa. Tehokkaammin. Puhtaammin.” to so many more Finnish companies.

Case Apotek 1: First steps towards digital transformation

On behalf of Apotek 1, Elisabeth Taranger, Managing Director at the Oslo office, gave an insightful presentation on how the company is taking their first steps towards becoming a digital, customer-oriented organization. Apotek 1 is the leading Norwegian pharmacy chain and has experienced significant growth in the last two decades, with a focus on expansion to new locations in addition to knowledgeable people and attractive assortment.

In recent years, the growth has stagnated, and new, pure digital pharmacies have entered the market. This led to a realization that better understanding of customer needs and being best at what they value is essential for Apotek 1’s future growth. Central in this mission is having access to and utilizing customer data to its full potential. With close assistance from Marketing Clinic, the company has, based on deep customer understanding, built a clear position on how to win, and what customer expectations to deliver on.

In the early stages of their digital transformation. Apotek 1 has based on their “How to win”, started to plan for an improved customer loyalty program, setting up new CRM and marketing technology systems, and creating a new master database for customer data. As a conclusion, Elisabeth highlighted that being data-driven shouldn’t be the goal in itself – it should rather be viewed as a prerequisite for being relevant and unique, deliver valuable products and services to customers.

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