The world is going through exceptional times, and we are all facing completely new challenges. While the health and safety of people is our highest priority, we also should think about businesses to ensure as much continuity as possible.

Firstly, it is important to get a proper understanding of what the changed reality means for your business. The majority of plans made earlier this year have become obsolete. The next step is to prepare for what comes next, and to act fast on changing market conditions.

We at Marketing Clinic got together to ideate how we could best help Nordic companies in these turbulent times. Almost all our work can be done remotely and online, we are experts in using online engagement tools for planning, workshops, and development.

The areas where we can add most value now:

  • Communications support – we have several senior-level communication experts who can support you with your communication tasks at hand – internally or externally.
  • Sales and marketing in digital channels (content, activities) – our digital sales & marketing experts know how to best reach your key audiences.
  • Digital channel & service development (website, SOME,…) – we can help you improve your digital services or update current to better meet the changed situation.
  • Outsourced resources in communication, sales and marketing  – Our people are here to help you quickly respond to sudden needs for additional inhouse communication and marketing expertise.
  • Future-proof commercial operations – we have the end-to-end expertise needed to plan & get ready for e-commerce.
  • Commercialization of current or new business areas.
  • Customer understanding and insights on what your customers need right now.

The situation calls for moving fast and being agile. Marketing Clinic teams are experienced in agile practices and we can ramp up quickly, adapting to any changes as they happen.

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