The role of a marketing director in a growth-hungry company is to increase sales and at the same time strengthen the brand and customer loyalty. As resources are usually limited, it is important to understand what measures are worth investing in.

Company management must therefore ask themselves whether they believe they will achieve growth most effectively by optimising existing marketing measures, or whether it is time to update its marketing strategy and seek growth opportunities in other ways, such as developing productisation or reforming the marketing and communications concept. What kind of marketing would deliver the best input-output ratio?

Growth architecture guides you to do the right things the right way

At Marketing Clinic, we talk about growth architecture. It means combining growth strategy and continuous marketing development work so that all marketing measures are directly connected to the business strategy. In growth architecture, measures are taken in the right order and as efficiently as possible.

Sometimes, a company’s marketing strategy and productisation are perfectly in order, but there is room for improvement in their implementation and existing channels are not used optimally either. In some cases, the potential of a product, service, or target group has simply come to an end and refining measures no longer creates the desired growth.

Thinking big and daring to fail shows courage

Central to growth architecture is agile operating methods and data-driven decision-making. Each person that does marketing has a clear role and the goals, means, and indicators to act in accordance with. Things are not developed in their own silos with their own agenda, but everyone participates in the development of marketing. It is not enough for individual measures to be polished to perfection if the parts do not form a clear whole and support each other.

Growth architecture requires strict data-driven management, but there must also be room for creativity and innovation. It is crucial to encourage a culture of experimentation. One needs the courage to test things comprehensively enough and in a planned way. Failure must also be given a chance. Where a growth hacker takes full advantage of existing channels and measures, the growth architect looks at the big picture and cooperates closely with business management and development.

This is how you approach growth architecture

Understand the current state of marketing:

  • How does marketing currently support your business strategy and your customers’ needs? Do clear indicators guide planning?
  • Do your current practices and operating culture allow for continuous development? How effectively is marketing organised?
  • Do your marketing organization and partners have the hunger and motivation to commit to growth?
  • How do you utilise data and marketing technologies in marketing?
  • Have you optimised the various aspects of marketing, especially digital channels to produce maximum performance?
  • How should the problem areas be addressed, in what order, and with what tools?


Marketing Clinic will help you get the most out of your marketing!

We can be the strong partner you have longed for. We have data-driven decision-making and growth in our DNA. We can support you in creating a targeted marketing strategy, executing implementation projects, and in developing continuous marketing in practise.

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