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A sharp business and brand strategy adds value to green products

Starting point: more focus!

Wellness and convenience are big food trends. Retail and consumers are both looking for an actor that makes it easier to use and choose fresh vegetables.

  • Everyone knows that vegetables are important, but only a third of consumers eat as much vegetables as recommended. In addition to consumers wanting to eat healthier, they also want to eat better and in a balanced manner. For that, they need quick and convenient solutions.
  • For shops, the produce section is a display that reflects the entire shop’s quality and freshness. Instead of mere suppliers, shops need a partner that develops and manages the “green” in a commercial and comprehensive manner.

These insights regarding retail and consumer needs are at the core of Järvikylä’s growth strategy. Järvikylä is a Finnish family business and a pioneer of potted salad greens and herbs. The strategy work was based on the need to sharpen their areas of development and turn their focus from products to the added value they create for customers.

Clarified growth areas and direction

Together, we defined the following for the growth strategy:

  • An inspiring vision of a future that is meaningful for the organisation, consumer and retail: Järvikylä works for a greener plate.
  • Commercial development areas from which to draw growth.
  • Concrete measures and a roadmap that will take the company in the defined direction.

One example of a development area is visionary category management that creates added value. This means that Järvikylä’s business is managed strongly with the help of category management tools (e.g. defined category vision, retail profit story and product portfolio).

Once the growth strategy had been defined, it was noted that Järvikylä’s brand also needed some clarification in order for it to support the defined position and growth goals. Therefore, we also defined a brand strategy that guides marketing communications.

“We have exceeded our objectives”

Just a year after the work, business growth has been significant. Customerships with various retail chains and the product selection have been developed on the basis of the strategy.

“Increasing the value of our products has been the secret to our success”, Järvikylä’s Commercial Director Kyösti Karhunen says. “We did not just lay low during the pandemic — we invested heavily in the presentation of our products in shops.”

One example of the customer work and value increase is Finland’s first herb garden in K-Citymarket Tammisto, where you can now buy particularly fresh herbs. The herbs are delivered to the shop in peat pods and continue growing throughout delivery and their time in the shop. Buying Järvikylä’s herbs in Tammisto is like buying them directly from a greenhouse.

“You need to stick to the plan and commit to its implementation. I have put the growth strategy on the table in meetings and said that this is what we are following, and these are the goals we are working towards,” Kyösti Karhunen says.

Instead of the obvious contexts of wellness and green, the Järvikylä brand was positioned alongside delicious food and meals. Järvikylä is now improving every meal and making good easy — because a better life is created in the kitchen.

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