Together we are stronger: Kopla, Okimo Clinic and P+SBD become Marketing Clinic

In today’s fast-paced commercial reality, we all need to be bolder and more focused to stay competitive and succeed. For us, this means we want our clients to be inspired by what is possible. We want to help them determine a strategy for positive impact and make it a measurable success, together. This means strategy and execution require an unbroken connection.

Based on feedback from our clients, we have broadened our services to cover today’s commercial needs, from strategy to real-time impact. The determination to constantly develop and challenge business as usual is in our DNA. This focus has led us to develop new capabilities organically and combine teams with fresh, valuable talent.

As of 24th of April 2018, a family of companies — each with unique backgrounds — has come together under one umbrella and brand, Marketing Clinic.

P+SBD Helsinki & Stockholm, the modern digital marketing agency, will be known as MC PerformanceOkimo Clinic, the digital communications expert, will be known as MC EngageKopla, the award-winning human insight agency, together with the retail and category management expert Movement Consulting will join Marketing Clinic Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen to become MC Strategy.

Whether you work with us on strategies, human insights, or marketing and communications execution, you’ll continue to enjoy the dedicated service you have come to expect from usBut now there is more.

With an even more integrated team providing services from strategy to execution, we’ll be even better able to help our clients to succeed and outperform their competition. For our clients, this means being faster and more efficient in taking plans into reality and turning customer insights into action and results. This means making sure facts and the customer stay at the heart of their decision-making at every step of the way — where they belong. And this means maintaining focus in a world of complexity and innumerable options to choose from, including pockets of new growth, new ways to create customer experiences, new marketing tools or new communication channels and types. In all these, and more, we’re here to support our clients from start to finish.

For making growth happen and reinventing marketing and communications,
The 100+ people strong team of Marketing Clinic