We help you find growth from new perspectives – with focused strategies, always based on foresight and human insights.


Our services are designed to help you make growth happen and reinvent your marketing and communications. We cover the entire modern commercial organization, from defining strategies to marketing and communications execution.

Growth & transformational strategy

With us, our clients build growth and transformational strategies that renovate their core business and innovate new business by zooming out from the profit pool to a broader ecosystem. They’ll capitalize their commercials assets to the maximum in M&A situations and build futureproof commercial organizations.

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Christina Harmia

Growth Strategist

+358 40 755 3645


Our services
  • Transformational strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Market strategy
  • Product & service portfolio strategy
  • Commercial strategy
  • Capitalizing on commercial assets in M&As
  • Futureproof commercial organization

Brand strategy

We help our customers define true purposes for their brands — purposes that position and differentiate them meaningfully. And we help them manage their brands and brand portfolios to maximize efficiency and impact.

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Fredrik Gotthardt

Growth Strategist

+358 40 518 1141


Our services
  • Brand portfolio hierarchy
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning and promise
  • Brand governance

Retail & category management

For our clients in retail we provide support in building winning retail strategies and concepts. Our category management services are extended also to our FMCG customers. We also support them with shopper insights and  developing strategies to grow the category.

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Katarina Jerndahl

Managing Director

+46 76 775 2201


Our services
  • Retail strategy and concepts
  • Category management
  • Shopper management
  • Retail story
  • Commercial offering development
  • Channel strategy
  • Shopper & retail insight
  • New retail trends and future

Customer experience

We help our clients to design meaningful and differentiated customer experiences that increase customer retention and create growth. By designing service concepts and helping in change management we ensure the desired experience is created at every touchpoint, every day.

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Anna Sirkiä

VP, MC Strategy

+358 40 700 7230


Our services
  • Customer strategy
  • Customer journey
  • Customer experience strategy & design
  • Concept creation & commercialization

Insight & foresight

With state-of-the-art tools and capabilities for qualitative and quantitative insight creation and social media tracking, we help our clients uncover the possibilities for their businesses. Our insights are always driven by human beings, the customers and end-customers. We create inspiring foresight into potential futures to set the stage for winning strategy development.

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Kati Nurminen

Growth Strategist

+358 40 54 03 663


Our services
  • Customer and category insights
  • Trendwatching and trend analysis
  • Strategic foresight
  • Customer segmentation
  • Market & competitor analysis
  • Social media insights
  • Co-creation & development communities