Our goal is to help Nordic brands excel in today's increasingly competitive environment by unleashing their full potential.


Business strategy

Thriving in today’s competitive environment requires both an ambitious goal that engages and inspires both internally and externally as well as a clear strategy based on customer and market insight. We can help you develop a transformational vision to drive growth, build an actionable strategy to achieve your goals and provide the tools and support for implementing them throughout your organization.  
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Our services
  • Transformational strategy and vision
  • Inorganic growth strategy
  • Strategy implementation
  • Growth Platforms

Brand strategy and customer experience design

Brands that grow the fastest are those that truly understand their customers and boldly deliver value in new ways. We can help you build meaningfully different brands and unique customer experiences for a lasting competitive advantage.
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Our services
  • Brand positioning, strategy and governance
  • Brand portfolio strategy and management
  • Brand studies and tracking
  • Brand marketing and communication concepts
  • Experience journey and care models
  • Experience measurement design

Innovation, concept design and commercialization

The key to growth in today’s commercial reality is the ability to innovate and commercialize new products and services that solve your customers’ challenges. We can help you understand consumer behaviour and market changes and utilize these to find future growth opportunities, develop new concepts and take them to the market efficiently.
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Our services
  • Need-driven category development
  • Innovation journey
  • Need-based product development
  • Strategic growth area concept design
  • Commercialization

Market and human insight and foresight

With state-of-the-art tools and capabilities for qualitative and quantitative insight creation and social media tracking, we help our customers uncover the possibilities for their businesses. In our insight developing, we take a human-centric approach, putting the end-customer at the center. We develop inspiring foresight into potential future scenarios to build the basis for winning strategy development.
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Our services
  • Market study
  • Human-centric commercial business development
  • Experience-led business development
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Target group segmentation and prioritization
  • Data to insight
  • Trend and future scenarios

Future-proof commercial operations

Industry leading organizations can clearly articulate “why buy” and ”why sell” and have zero waste in their commercial value chain. We can help you build future-proof commercial operations that enable agile, always-on marketing and sales.
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Our services
  • Commercial capability audit
  • Digital review and audit
  • Agile marketing organization design
  • Solutions architecture
  • Future-proof sales operation development

Retail and category management

For our clients in retail, we provide support in building winning retail strategies and concepts. Our category management services are extended also to our FMCG customers. In addition, we support them with shopper insights and developing strategies to grow the category.
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Our services
  • Retail strategy and concepts
  • Category management
  • Shopper management
  • Retail story
  • Commercial offering development
  • Channel strategy
  • Shopper and retail insight
  • New retail trends

Marketing and communications

We help our customers put their commercial strategies into action. We can help you define business- and customer-driven marketing strategies and build focused go-to-market plans, customer care models, content strategies and marketing communication concepts as well as handle practical implementation and content production.
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Our services
  • Marketing strategy and implementation
  • Channel strategy
  • Marketing technology implementation
  • Marketing -as-a-service
  • Content marketing
  • Thought leadership
  • Social media strategy
  • PR and media relations
  • Sales Modeling
  • Destination Marketing