Suomen Yrittäjäturva

A commercial concept, a new challenger brand and a business-driven marketing plan as enablers of growth

Founded in Finland in 2020, Suomen Yrittäjäturva is a new kind of specialist company, focused purely on securing entrepreneurs and the continuity of their businesses.

In 2019, Aktia and Veritas had identified an underserved need in the static life and pension insurance market and that there was demand for services particularly aimed at SMEs, as larger competitors mostly focused on serving the needs of larger companies. The objective was to build a challenger company specializing in personal insurance that would stand out as a more flexible and active advocate for entrepreneurs.

In collaboration with Aktia and Veritas, Marketing Clinic defined:

  •  a comprehensive commercial concept based on customer and market insight, 
  • a distinctive brand, 
  • a company name that was also a value proposition, 
  • a visual identity 
  • and a detailed marketing plan for the company launch and ongoing growth marketing.

An in-depth understanding of the customer journey, digitalization and a customer-centric service experience were important starting points for the concept design.

The new sales company started its operations at the end of 2020 and the early years of growth have exceeded targets and enabled the sales organization to be built faster than anticipated.

”The company was launched just before covid, and we have already exceeded all our targets. We are exceeding our sales budget and continue to recruit new salespeople. During the first two years we have hired twice the amount of salespeople compared to the original plan.” – Teemu Lillrank, CEO of Suomen Yrittäjäturva

”Good groundwork and a clear understanding of the customer and market were at the heart of transforming a business idea into a concrete and relevant concept for the target group in cooperation with Marketing Clinic. The response among customers has been very good.” – Sam Olin and Juha Hammarén, Aktia

”The new company achieved ambitious targets already in the first six months, which shows that the commercial concept is working as planned. The new company has been an important addition to both Veritas’ and Aktia’s business.” – Carl Pettersson, former CEO of Veritas

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