Running for the greater good

We at Marketing clinic take our values Care and Dare seriously and bring them into our everyday actions. We encourage curiosity towards trying out new sports and strive to take care of the well-being of our fellow workers, but we also do so for the greater good.

Namely, this year we at the Helsinki office participated in the Yritysmaratonviesti 20.5. which is a running event for both companies and working communities. The event’s revenue goes to the Lasten Liike which is a charity that supports children’s physical well-being and makes it possible for schools to provide children with after school sports activities.

At the marathon, each team can choose the category they want to participate in: casual, fitness, and race. MC chose the fitness category which felt like a realistic goal for us but we also dared to challenge ourselves and completed the marathon within the set time, that is in 3,5 hours. Our result had a positive impact on our team spirit and we wish for the children to experience the same feeling of successful team spirit building and the positive effect in can have on their goals and well-being.

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