Marketing Clinic shortlisted for the Vuoden Toimisto awards

Marketing Clinic joined forces with Kopla Helsinki 1,5 years ago to combine their insight and foresight capabilities in building winning strategies. Today, we are proud to announce that the unique value we create for our customers is being recognized. Marketing Clinic has been shortlisted as one of the best partners in Finland in customer insight and experience!

Each year, the Vuoden Toimisto (or Agency of the Year) survey gives customers the opportunity to evaluate their partner agencies based on factors such as the quality of services provided, expertise and achieved results.

We’re extremely excited to be shortlisted for the Vuoden Toimisto awards, and I’d like thank our customers for this nomination. Our goal is to help them grow, and strong insights on business, customers and end-users are the foundation for any successful strategy”, noted Kati Nurminen, Growth Strategist and former Kopla CEO.

We believe that the combination of insight creation capabilities and strategic thinking we offer creates real value for our customers. This nomination confirms in the best possible way that our approach is appreciated. It feels great!” commented Anna Sirkiä, VP at MC Strategy.

Learn more about the awards and nominations from the Vuoden Toimisto website (available in Finnish).

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