Crafting a new strategy for Aktia

With a new CEO, Aktia needed to create a common view on future direction, strategic priorities, and means to win in the changing market. Before the new CEO joined Aktia, the company was characterized by flat growth rates and market share development. Hence, the key challenge was to formulate a winning growth strategy that would capitalize on the challenger position.

Key questions to tackle the challenge

    • Which markets and segments provide the greatest opportunity to drive profitable growth?
    • What are the required competitive advantages to be built
    • What are critical must-win battles / strategic priorities for Aktia to successfully execute the strategy?
    • How to win in selected must-win battles / strategic priorities?

Full-scope strategy project with a focus on crystallizing Where to Play and How to Win

The main deliverable was a strategy document for BoD decision-making including the following areas: Changing Market Landscape, Aktia’s Strategic priorities / Must-Win-Battles, Future Competitive Advantages, Future Retail Branch Network, Long-Term Financial Targets and Strategy phases until 2023. Regarding the way-of-working, the approach was built on deep collaboration with weekly management team meetings. Marketing Clinic was responsible for the overall process and workshop content creation, facilitation and documentation. Aktia’s working team was responsible for data and market insight creation with Marketing Clinic’s guidance.

The outcome

CEO-strategy presentation for BoD decision-making and input on Aktia’s 2019 CMD presentation. Clear and mutually understood future direction guiding decisions and operations.

Marketing Clinic has facilitated Aktia’s work to implement the strategy for example by translating Aktia’s new strategy into M&A growth plan guiding future transactions and defining a business unit plan to concretize the focus areas for the asset management commercialization.

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