Personal growth begins with daring to say I don’t know this (yet)

Growth is at the core of MC – our mission is to help companies unleash their full growth potential. But it doesn’t stop there. We also want to be the best place to grow for our employees. One of our biggest responsibilities as an employer is to give everyone clarity on how they can grow with us.

We look at careers as individual paths, influenced by each team member’s professional and personal pasts, motivators, ambition, and future-oriented growth plans. Each of us can create their own growth plan starting from professional DNA and personal vision. Depending on where one wants to take their career – deepening or broadening the skill set or stepping up to a more senior position – we systematically help each team member to design the optimal development path to get there. Besides training and self-studying, here’s how we enable our team member’s growth:

  • Learning on the job. Our all-time no1 topic in what makes MC a great place to work is the work itself. We get to do interesting, meaningful, and challenging projects with top companies in the Nordics, and we learn a lot on the way. We believe in shared leadership, which means that leadership is based on meritocracy, attitude and shared accountability, not official position. As we trust everyone to take responsibility and make a difference, growth mindset and daring to stretch one’s comfort zone is important. We also provide an opportunity for everyone to impact their work by asking “what would you like to learn” and using this information as a determinant in resourcing besides of current expertise and workload situation.
  • Learning from others. At MC we grow stronger together. We all take responsibility for developing ourselves and each other by sharing our expertise and experience with colleagues e.g. in daily work or in our regular internal inspiration sessions. We also use more formal long-term sparring. For this we have started our own internal mentoring program where we connect our people and help them grow.
  • Feedback. We think that feedback is a core element of growth. We encourage everyone to give, and ask for, feedback related to their daily work on a regular basis. The feedback is processed in monthly check-in meetings and/or twice a year in MyPath-meetings, where our team leads coach each team member to leverage their strengths and develop. When we give feedback or plan our development, we always consider both what has been achieved and how that has been done. In addition to quality of work, we always recognize value based, caring and daring, behavior.


Growth story of shifting focus from data-driven marketing to branding

I, Hanna Leskinen, joined Marketing Clinic in 2017 and for the 3 first years I focused on leading projects regarding digital marketing. Topics such as data-driven marketing, marketing automation and media strategy were on my table every day, and I loved creating and offering solutions to my clients problems.

In the autumn 2020 I felt I wanted to learn and do something new in the field of marketing and branding. I had a gut feeling that business-driven brand strategies could be my next “thing”, and I also knew that MC is famous for it.

I shared my thoughts with my team lead, and I remember her saying ”Sounds like a brilliant idea – let’s make it happen”. Three weeks later I joined my first brand strategy project as a ”learner”. The 3-month project went well, and I had an experienced and supportive mentor during the project with whom I had many sparring sessions during the project.

Now in the autumn 2021, I’m just kicking off my 3rd brand strategy project – only this time I will be the project manager. In a way I’ve now started a new job at old company. Needless to say, I feel very happy and highly motivated.

Here’s how we support you – Your responsibility is to unleash your full growth potential and make it real with us.

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