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Who are you?

My name is Henri Mattila, and I am Advisor at Marketing Clinic.

What do you do at MC?

My job is to help our clients do better in marketing, especially on digital. I have my own clients that I work with on daily basis, and I also work as a consultant on various digital projects. My role also considers developing Marketing Clinic’s digital offering and awareness.

What do you like best about your job?

Best is to see the success of our work in business and people we work with. Digital transformation and digital marketing maturity are on the top of priorities in organizations. At MC we often work on very strategic level I feel that we can really make the difference in our mission of unleashing the full potential in digital marketing.

How do you experience Marketing Clinic’s values in your daily work?

Our company’s values are Dare and Care and I can proudly share both of them. Dare is about challenging ourselves and our clients to do better and outstand in our work. Care is about doing things as a team; we share our challenges and support each other internally and with clients.

What is your typical day at work like?

I typically work at the office at Uudenmaankatu and as we are on hybrid mode, I see my clients face to face little less than in earlier life so most of the meetings are virtually. Typically, 50% of my time is spent on meetings and workshops and 50% of time doing desktop work. We do have quite lot of other casual and inspirational activities which nicely break the day.

What’s your number one career tip?

Be curious and open to new things and ideas. World is getting more complicated but try to simplify and truly understand the things that matter the most. Hangout with people you can learn from and make you better and be a team player.

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