Does the end of employment necessarily mean the end of a relationship?

Marketing Clinic has existed for 18 years, and during that time we have had the pleasure of following a number of wonderful growth paths alongside our employees. Naturally some paths have led outside Marketing Clinic, and even though losing a valued team member and colleague is always a huge loss for us, we are genuinely happy and proud of the great new opportunities our team members find.

But does the end of employment necessarily mean the end of a relationship? Some alumni are currently our customers, and the cooperation with them has continued successfully in a new context. We have also been lucky to welcome some previous team members back as they have rejoined Marketing Clinic with new perspectives and learnings. But we haven’t forgotten those either, with whom the connection has been on hold for a while.

When we ask our departing employees what has been the best at MC, they practically always answer nice and smart colleagues – work friends – as well as high-quality expertise and work. When changing jobs, people suddenly break away from the community and people with whom they have spent a large part of the weeks and days, usually during several years. To ease this, a couple of weeks ago we invited our former colleagues, MC alumni, to celebrate the first afterwork together with the current MC team. By the alumni event, we hope that we were able to give our current and former employees the opportunity to regenerate connections and maintain links with former colleagues as well as meet old friends face to face. Hopefully the event, and the strengthened connections, also serve as a platform for sparring and sharing expertise.

The evening was full of happy reunions, remembering good old times, catching up and laughing together. Thank you all who participated, you made the day!

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