A new team for a new commercial reality – MC Impact

Today, people are bombarded with over 4,000 marketing messages every day. In this environment, understanding how a company can actually make an impact is crucial. Only brands that can offer true value for their customers, and deliver that value in every touchpoint, are the ones that will succeed in the future.

This, in turn, requires breaking barriers between organizational silos, creating innovative ideas and harnessing the opportunities of new technologies. At Marketing Clinic, we decided to meet these customer needs by advancing our internal integration and forming a completely new team.

At MC Impact, we help our customers create meaningful and measurable connections with their own customers – not contribute to unnecessary noise, but help them create real impact. Our diverse team consists of marketing, communications and technology experts and video and visual designers. We focus on combining data-driven marketing and a deep, strategic understanding of digital channels with creative concepting and content production. Together with our other business unit, MC Strategy, we can help our customers connect their strategic goals to real market impact and communicate the value they offer to customers effectively.

For our customers, our new team means that a tightly knit group of talents can undertake even more comprehensive projects. We believe that successful marketing stems from a deep customer understanding and from making sure the right capabilities, measurables and agile processes are in place to reach customers efficiently. Together with relevant and meaningful content, delivered in the right channels, we can help you establish a true connection with your target audiences.

Does a 1 in 4,000 chance to reach your audience give you goosebumps? Do you want to be sure that your marketing makes it through the noise? Are stunning visuals exactly what your brand needs? We can help you make the impact your brand needs to grow.

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