Hanken – an animated approach to communicating change

In the summer of 2017, the Hanken School of Economics finished a new strategy project and established a new mission. The complex ideas that were part of the strategy needed to be translated into an easily understandable and memorable format for all key stakeholders — from students and personnel to external groups.

The Outcome

MC Engage presented an original vision for communicating Hanken’s new strategy. A decision was made to move forward with an animation, which would be a departure from the university’s previous communication formats. MC Engage was responsible for all aspects of production, from voiceovers to illustrations to the final animation. The delivered final cut was received very warmly and recognized as an effective communication tool that utilized an appropriate tone and positive imagery.


Cooperation with MC Engage was effective, flexible and professional. The project was completed on a tight schedule thanks to excellent, customer-oriented management.

A strategy for a changing society

At the start of summer 2017, the Hanken School of Economics had finished a strategy project and established a new mission: to create cutting-edge knowledge and educate professionals for the global economy and changing society. However, the university needed support in translating the complex ideas of the new strategy into an easily understandable and memorable format that would be presented to all of the key stakeholders — students, personnel and external groups.

MC Engage was chosen as the partner for this undertaking because of its original ideas and creative approach to this task, which were presented to Hanken’s leadership.

“We wanted to present our new strategy in a fresh and innovative way in order to support how well the strategy will be remembered and facilitate its implementation”, says Nina Olin, Director of External Relations and Communications, Hanken School of Economics.

A departure from well-worn communication formats

MC Engage and Hanken’s representatives decided that the best tool for the task was an animation. This format was identified as a clear and powerful way to communicate the university’s new strategy. The animation would be a departure from the university’s previously used video materials, and thus it needed to be concise, whilst not drifting too far from the well-established communication methods of Hanken. Careful planning of both visuals and messaging was required to achieve the desired outcome.

“Working with Hanken’s representatives was a pleasure, as we quickly found common ground. After exchanging many ideas, we agreed on an attractive concept for the final animation”, recalls Riikka Lavaste, who managed the project at MC Engage.

No room for error when time is of the essence

The final concept for the animation was created in close cooperation with Hanken’s representatives. MC Engage was responsible for all aspects of production — from voiceovers and illustrations to animation. Communication between both teams was essential in ensuring that work would go smoothly and in the right direction.

This was especially important given the high expectations for the animation and short timeframe — just 7 weeks — for the whole project. This meant that there was no room for error in either the planning or decision-making stages.

“The collaboration with MC Engage was effective, flexible and professional throughout the process. Despite a very tight schedule, MC Engage pulled the project through thanks to excellent, customer-oriented project management”, says Nina Olin.

The end result that exceeded client expectations

Ultimately, meticulous planning and flawless execution led to the delivery of the animation within the expected timeframe. After viewing the final cut, Hanken’s representatives recognized the animation as an effective tool for presenting the new strategy. It was received very warmly and both the tone and positive image were noted as being in-line with the expected final result. Students returning to classes and other key stakeholders were welcomed with an effective presentation of Hanken’s plans through 2025.

Nina Olin summarized the project positively: “The reception among all our stakeholders exceeded our expectations! The animation inspired pride amongst our employees and a sense of a clear direction amongst our key external stakeholders.”

Watch the Hanken strategy animation: