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Programmatic display trends for 2019


Programmatic advertising has become the standard way of buying online ads. In order to truly create the ultimate customer experience, we need to utilize data (1st,2nd & 3rd party), combine…

Four paradoxes of human insight


When creating a positive impact on people’s everyday life, it helps a lot to actually know the people and the context of their day-to-day lives. This is why all of…

Marketing Clinic shortlisted for the Vuoden Toimisto awards

Marketing Clinic joined forces with Kopla Helsinki 1,5 years ago to combine their insight and foresight capabilities in building winning strategies. Today, we are proud to announce that the unique…

Search trends for 2019


The turn of the year is the flip of a page that fixes everyone’s attention on the future. None of us have a crystal ball, but some trends are worth…

The true power of sales modelling – from audits to market growth guidance


“A model is a simplification of reality built for a specific purpose.” – Adam Grummit, Capacity Management – a Practitioner Guide: Best practice, 2009.

Social media advertising trends for 2019


Social media has many different roles in the customer journey – creating awareness and customer engagement, generating sales and increasing loyalty. As social media platforms have over the years become…

Marketing Clinic & Hanken: Alumni Afterwork “Creating growth through innovative business models”


Marketing Clinic and Hanken School of Economics are hosting an insightful networking evening with a great panel discussion. All Hanken alumni are invited to sign up for the 21.11 event.

Marketing Clinic Norway nominated for the “Årets Gaselle 2018” award!


We can already say that 2018 has been an amazing year for us. At its onset, we set ambitious goals, and over the months, we have celebrated subsequent victories. We…

New Retail: no magic formula for retail success


Marketing Clinic had the pleasure of hosting a retail breakfast seminar in our Helsinki offices on 4 October. We were happy to see both familiar and new faces among the…

New Retail: where the Shopper is king!


New Retail is here, but are we ready? This is the fundamental question every self-respecting brand and retailer should ask themselves, as the retail landscape is changing at an unprecedented…

New, amazing talents join Marketing Clinic


Have we started a beautiful tradition? We sure hope so. Over the summer, Marketing Clinic grew again, and our team now consists of well over one hundred talented individuals.

Watch and learn: the State of Customer Experience in the Nordics


Marketing Clinic and Lumoa are joining forces to host a live discussion on the state of Customer Experience in the Nordics. Join the free webinar on the 5th of September…

The keys to winning in M&A integrations

Winning M&A hero image

M&As provide plenty of opportunities for growth. Companies that successfully create long-term value pay special attention to leveraging commercial assets throughout the whole M&A process, from the initial scan to…

Our superhero Jenni Santalo shares her ultimate purpose at work


Meet Jenni. She is one of the luckiest people you could find in the business world. She has found something that many of us desperately seek for years and years…

Our superhero Joonas Berghäll reveals his secret for uncovering exceptional stories


When casting the leading characters for documentary films, it is their stories that count the most — and sometimes you must work hard to find the best ones. Film director…

Together we are stronger: Kopla, Okimo Clinic and P+SBD become Marketing Clinic


In today’s fast-paced commercial reality, we all need to be bolder and more focused to stay competitive and succeed. For us, this means we want our clients to be inspired…

Uncovering future paths through strategic foresight

Uncovering future paths

A recently published longitudinal study found out that future-prepared firms outperform the average by a 200% higher growth. Companies with mature foresight practices are also clearly more profitable. But what…

For Erika, every project is a complex puzzle she gets to solve

Meet Erika Kaven

In the beginning of her studies at the Helsinki University of Technology, Erika Kavén thought she would become a biomechanical engineer designing for example robotic arms. Now, she works as a Management…