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Meet the MC

meet the mc maria

Focus on a bigger picture and use more time for reflection and planning, it could be more rewarding than you might think in the beginning.

What was it like to join MC?

Would you enjoy working with brilliant colleagues? Read about the experience of Juha-Matti starting at Marketing Clinic.

This is what makes MC a great place to work


Our biggest responsibility is to give everyone clarity on how they can grow, in the way they want to grow, with us.

Meet the MC

I wear many hats of different shapes and sizes. One of them is for developing and nurturing operational excellence within Marketing Clinic, another is for functioning as client advisor.

It’s all or nothing – consumers’ increasing requirements for food products create growth opportunities

We at Marketing Clinic are passionate about growth and the food industry.

Meet the MC

Hi, I’m Marjaana, and I’m a senior consultant in our brand practice, Helsinki office. My main focus is on helping our B2B clients with their content and marketing related projects.

What kind of talents are we looking for?

At Marketing Clinic we are constantly looking for, and are always delighted to welcome new talented colleagues to join us.

We dare because we care – human-centric business development


We believe that in this complex and fast-paced business environment human-centric business development – that connects human understanding to strategic business goals – is a key to success.

How can we help you weather the storm

The world is going through exceptional times, and we are all facing completely new challenges. While the health and safety of people is our highest priority, we also should think…

Catharina Stackelberg, listed as one of the top 25 influencers

As Catharina´s colleagues, we know why. 16 years ago, she set on a mission to help Nordic companies unleash their full potential in the global market, which is still the…

Marketing Clinic is a finalist in the Vuoden Toimisto 2020 awards

We are happy to announce that Marketing Clinic has been shortlisted for the Vuoden Toimisto 2020 awards and is the first company ever to be a finalist in two categories…

Salla Vainio appointed as new CEO

Since its founding, Marketing Clinic has helped Nordic brands shorten the path from strategy to market impact by integrating long-term strategic planning with capabilities for real-time marketing. To drive its…

A new team for a new commercial reality – MC Impact


Today, people are bombarded with over 4,000 marketing messages every day. In this environment, understanding how a company can actually make an impact is crucial. Only brands that can offer…