A lesson in trust and risk taking. Meet Kalle

Kalle Kaskinen’s path crossed with Okimo Clinic a few years back, more or less by accident. Helene Auramo (our CEO) was looking for an ambitious video professional to help establish Okimo Clinic Productions. Kalle was recommended by a mutual contact, but neither he, nor Helene, could guess what would happen within just a few years — that they would be partners in Okimo Clinic. And that is exactly what transpired.

A decision to be made

Let’s start with what happened 2 years ago. Helene and her team decided that Okimo Clinic would make a change in its overall strategy. They had started as a social media company, but after some brainstorming and talks about the future, they decided to expand services and shift towards becoming a digital communications agency.

The team saw that videos and visual content were becoming more and more important. One of the reasons for this was — of course — social media, which was starting to highlight videos. Helene had many discussions with her colleagues and some external people. Ultimately, the decision was made to begin producing videos. There were a couple of ways to approach this. One was working with freelancers, while another was to start building Okimo’s own in-house production team. The latter option was selected, and that is when Helene started to call people.

Building the video team

When Kalle joined Okimo Clinic, the company was still quite small. “When I started at Okimo Clinic, we were a five-member team”, he recalls. But what was very interesting among the people was their shared entrepreneurial mindset. “It then was, and still is, a pleasure to work with people who have this positive, can-do spirit and willingness to do great things together. Especially when you take into account that it has accompanied us even as we’ve continued to grow”, Kalle says with a smile.

“It was very tricky for me to find the right person. I couldn’t make any promises, because we were doing something new. Kalle just needed to trust us and that we would make it work”, Helene adds.

But why did Kalle decide to make the jump to Okimo?

“Helene was really open about the company’s status and all the potential possibilities. She’s really enthusiastic, and that definitely inspired me. Our initial plans were smaller, but she spoke about the possibilities, which almost had no end in her mind. She said that everything can be done, and after all, she cultivated this atmosphere that inspired me to also think that way. This was really amazing, so I shared her enthusiasm and decided to join the team”, Kalle explains.

“I guess it was about partnership since day one. And there are some things that we both agreed to. We were both enthusiastic and not scared by the possibilities. We shared similar values. But we both also saw the possibilities business-wise and what we could achieve together”, Helene recalls.

Today, the video and visual team consists of several people and a big surrounding network. Some are responsible for doing animations, others for filming, editing, taking photos, styling and so forth.

“Every day, I’m amazed by the quality of the work the team is doing. Also, although everyone is very ambitious, people are really nice to work with”, Kalle notes.


But it took trust and a calculated risk for Okimo Clinic to establish this newfound success. When asked for tips in starting something totally new within a company, Helene had an interesting response. “It starts with a vision of the future. Then you need to find people who share that vision and have the same values. Without similar values, it is not possible. Without similar visions and goals, it is also not possible. We are currently trying to repeat our video success by fully expanding into visual content and have had a hard time finding the right person. We have interviewed many, but it all comes down to those two factors, and if those aren’t matched, then it is better not to do it at all”, Helene admits.

The next step for the video team

Kalle would like to constantly improve and reach a point where Okimo Clinic is recognized both as a digital communication agency offering top quality video and for having a great team of professionals who produce distinctive work. “It seems that it is not widely known that we do videos in-house, so there is some work to be done”, Kalle concludes.

The future looks bright for the Okimo Clinic video team. And it appears that nothing is stopping them. This year they have already completed several great pieces.

To sample the talents of Kalle and the rest of the team, check out the Hanken strategy video, or Finnkino promotional video, which are embedded below.

This article was previously published in MC Engage’s (formerly Okimo Clinic) blog.